Welcome at Pianostudio Ratingen!

All students are welcome to take piano lessons regardless of age and level. We will explore and experience music – to develop a lifelong joy of playing the piano!


The Pianostudio Ratingen offers:

  • a comprehensive and modern teaching style
  • piano methods in English
  • versatile literature
  • student recitals


The individual needs and interests of each student are carefully considered, as everybody has their own personal bundle of talents. So all lessons are one on one, individually planned and music is chosen accordingly.


The repertoire covers everything from classical to Pop music, improvisation and even own compositions are possible. Students are prepared gradually to build a strong knowledge of music theory and technique which is required for those goals. We spend time each lesson for implementing effective practice strategies to learn pieces faster and better – an important element to keep the student´s motivation high.


About me:


Since 2003 I´m a passionate piano pedagogue. I graduated with a diploma at Robert-Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf. The following ten years I worked and collected many experiences in a private music school.


The Pianostudio Ratingen was founded in 2012 to offer a more private atmosphere.


I focus on awakening a strong passion for one of the most beautiful instruments. I embrace new materials and strategies in my teaching and constantly try to enhance my own skills to offer quality piano instruction. Lifelong learning and the musical interaction with other people are a great gift to me.


I would love to talk to you more about lessons! Please contact me for a free try-out lesson.

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